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Seven measures for enterprises to carry out e-commerce

with the growing maturity of e-commerce, more and more enterprises have also deeply realized that in order to continue to develop and remain invincible in the increasingly competitive international market, developing e-commerce is the best choice and inevitable path for enterprises. Of course, if enterprises want to carry out e-commerce, it is far from enough to establish a station for product promotion and publicity. To improve the performance of waterproof materials, how can enterprises succeed in the actual battle of e-commerce? The following is the practical experience from the forefront of e-commerce:

first, good and cheap product information

the quality of the products released must be excellent, and at the same time, they have certain advantages in price. Because similar products on the market must exist. At the current level of commodity economy development, there are almost no unique products. Therefore, in order to win the competition of similar products, the quality must be qualified and the price must be attractive. Only products with good quality and low price can stand out in e-commerce and network marketing and win the market. For manufacturers of electronic products, if domestic products in the domestic market can obtain CCC certification (China Compulsory Certification, also known as "3C" mark for short); If the export products in the international market can obtain some international certifications, such as ISO9000 series certification, ISO14000 series certification, UL (pass to enter the North American market), Ce (passport to open and enter the European market), CSA (pass to enter the American and Canadian markets), GS (German product quality and safety certification), VDE, Kema and other international certifications, and SA800 according to the material nature 0 (social standard, the new standard of international buyers), It has more strength to compete with similar products

second, the information is true and detailed to meet the needs of customers

the information released (product information, business information, etc.) must be true and reliable. At the same time, it must be as detailed as possible, and from the perspective of customers' needs, put yourself in the interests of customers; If you can cooperate with some pictures at the same time, the effect will be better. After all, pictures and texts will also give people a real and sincere feeling. After such information is released, it will convey to potential customers an attitude of doing business with integrity. Doing business is the same as being a person, and sincerity can win favor. Only by making each other feel that they are doing business in good faith, the probability of success will greatly increase. With the popularity of the Internet up to now, any customer can find similar products through the search engine or the search function of the station. Therefore, after shopping around, only the detailed product information can link think. It will also focus on developing new innovative products, which will attract customers' attention and absorption. Otherwise, after the customer browses the product information of many companies, if the product description is not detailed or the physical photos are lacking, or even the contact information is inconvenient, the business opportunity will be lost at the fingertips in an instant

third, control the frequency of information release

information released only once cannot be seen by most browsers. If you want visitors to see you at the first glance, you might as well increase the number of times you post information. However, over repeated information will also bring disgust to visitors, thus losing the opportunity to contact you for business. Therefore, according to years of network marketing practice, it is more effective to release it twice a day. Of course, in different e-commerce platforms, it will also vary from person to person

fourth, pay attention to information release skills

there should be concise and concise information topics, so that people can see it at a glance; If you can attract the attention of visitors in the selection of keywords, the chance of success will be greatly increased

v. deal with customers' feedback and information in a timely manner

in e-commerce, customers send an inquiry or email interested in products, and always hope to get a reply immediately. If you can get in touch with customers in the shortest time, then customers' recognition and integrity of your products will be greatly enhanced; If it is not handled in time, it may turn the buyer's attention to the merchants who reply in time, and you will miss the opportunity

VI. requirements for talents

there are relatively professional e-commerce talents to help manage Internet trade. No matter in the domestic market or international trade, there should be people who understand both computer technology and network business, who are full-time engaged in product information release, update, and timely deal with the latest search and other work. For the export market, we also need export talents who understand trade and English

VII. Pay attention to the choice of station platform

choose professional e-commerce stations with good reputation to publish information. For example, China International E-commerce, global resources, American merchants, Alibaba, China export commodities, Yicheng commerce, guochuang, shihuakai, Chinese merchants hezong, sunshine road international commerce, etc. publish information on these stations, with a high success rate and good integrity

from running manufacturers, supply and marketing, trade fairs and various exhibitions and product launches under the scorching sun and rainstorm in the past, to later, fax contact, and now through the Internet, e-commerce can be used as a tool to develop domestic and foreign markets, which is an inevitable trend and the first progress of the times. As a more advanced means of business, e-commerce is a tool that can interact with pictures, pictures, and audio-visual images. Internet trade and e-commerce, as an effective complementary means of traditional business forms, will become the mainstream means of developing markets, expanding business and promoting trade

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