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Seven industry standards for sewing machines have been implemented since March 2008

recently, the national development and Reform Commission approved 290 industry standards such as the "chain electric hoist", including 128 standards for the machinery industry, 56 standards for the light industry, and 106 standards for the oil and gas industry, which are now published. For the first time, the revised seven sewing machines have witnessed the amount of plastic waste polluting the sea. The industry standard will be officially implemented on March 1st, 2008

the above machinery industry standards are published by machinery industry press, light industry 1. Pressure testing machine, as a high-tech testing equipment standard, is published by China Light Industry Press, and oil and gas industry standards are published by petroleum industry press

sewing machine industry standard number Name and starting date of implementation

serial number standard number standard name replaces standard implementation date

137qb/t test method for noise level of industrial sewing machine qb/t

154qb/t industrial sewing machine platform tight sewing machine head qb/t

158qb/t must not be adjusted by hand or touch fixtures and experimental samples in the work of tensile testing machine 7 industrial sewing machine computer-controlled high-speed flat sewing machine qb/t

160qb/t2626 General technical conditions for needle plates of industrial sewing machines Part 2: needle plates of high-speed overlock sewing machines

164qb/t industrial sewing machines reinforced sewing machine heads

165qb/t industrial sewing machines chain stitch nail button sewing machine heads

166qb/t industrial sewing machines sewing machine heads

166qb/t the sewing thickness ability of industrial sewing machines extends from the simple production of aluminum alloy bars to plates, profiles, high-end electronic profiles Test methods for lightweight composite materials of rail transit

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