Seven major energy projects will be built in Xinji

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Seven major energy projects will be built in Xinjiang

in order to ensure the energy supply in Xinjiang and promote the development of ethnic areas, seven major energy projects, such as the Urumqi Hami 750 kV transmission line, Changji thermoelectric industry 2, the inspection of electronic universal experimental machine amplifier unit, Yili No. 1 coal mine, Dushanzi national raw oil strategic reserve, began construction in Xinjiang on September 24

Zhang Guobao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and chief controller of the national energy administration, delivered a speech at the commencement ceremony of Xinjiang Changji thermal power plant. Wang Lequan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Party committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Nur Baikeli, chairman of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Yun Mingmin, general manager of Huadian Corporation attended the commencement ceremony. This may affect the follow-up steps in the production process

Zhang Guobao extended warm congratulations on the commencement of Changji thermal power and other projects. He said that the total investment of this batch of projects exceeded 23billion yuan, which is the largest number of one-time projects and the largest investment scale in the history of energy construction in Xinjiang. It is Xinjiang economic society 4 The light bar is simple in structure and easy to process; Reduced manufacturing costs; It is not only a major event for the development of the energy industry, but also a happy event for the construction of national energy infrastructure. After the completion of the project, the annual profits and taxes will be more than 2 billion yuan, and nearly 6000 jobs will be provided. At the same time, it will also effectively drive the development of related industries and supporting services

it is reported that after the completion of the three projects, Huadian Changji thermal power, China Power Investment Wusu thermal power and xukuang Aksu thermal power, it can form a heating capacity of about 20million square meters, dismantle more than 180 scattered small units, meet the heating needs of nearly one million people in winter, and play an important role in improving the quality of heating and the local atmospheric environment. The construction of Urumqi Hami 750 kV power transmission and transformation project started, marking the prelude to the upgrading of electricity in Xinjiang. With the gradual formation of 750 kV power grid, the safety and stability level and power supply quality of Xinjiang power will be greatly improved

Urumqi Turpan Hami 750 kV power transmission and transformation project is an electric project with the highest voltage level, the strongest transmission capacity, the largest investment scale and the most obvious driving benefits in Xinjiang so far. The total investment of the project is 5.85 billion yuan, and 1301 kilometers of 750 kV lines are newly built. Yili No.1 coal mine is the first ten million ton coal mine project in Xinjiang, with a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan. After completion, it can pay 120million yuan of local fiscal taxes every year, and improve the level of coal mining technology in Xinjiang

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