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Explore the development direction of China's cutting tools

the global cutting tool market is growing rapidly, and China and the United States compete for competitiveness. It has good characteristics such as light material, heat insulation, high strength and so on. General machinery, automobile, aerospace, energy, medical treatment, rail transit, mold machine tools and other industries are inseparable from cutting tool equipment. From the perspective of future development trend, the global tool market is expected to grow by 3% - 5% annually in the next five years. At this growth rate, we still rank first in the world. From the perspective of domestic tool supply, domestic tools occupy the mainstream position, accounting for 65%. Over the years, we have also achieved excellent enterprises like Zhuzhou Diamond. With the original four tool factories, there are about 10 backbone enterprises, all of which have entered the modern tool industry from traditional tools, and are developing better year by year. They have entered a period of rapid growth. This is a very good performance. According to the data, the total production of domestic cutting tools in China was 29billion yuan in 2010, and the export of cutting tools was 7billion yuan in addition to supplying the domestic market. In the same year, the total sales of imported and domestic cutters reached 33billion yuan, ranking first in the world. China's cutting tools increased by 40% in 2010, and the growth in the first three quarters exceeded 50%. The sales of foreign cutting tool enterprises in China also increased very well in 2010. Without market demand, there is no development. With market demand, this is our biggest advantage

among the 33billion yuan sales, the 11billion yuan imported will be considered to cause damage to the environment and affect health. All yuan cutters are modern high-efficiency knives. Among the 22billion yuan domestic knives, only about 2billion yuan can be called modern high-efficiency knives, accounting for 10% - 15%, while the sales of foreign brand knives account for 1/3 of China's knife consumption. This shows that while China has become the world's largest cutting tool market with the most development potential, the high-end market is occupied by multinational enterprises, which is a big problem

in 2011, the domestic tool market still maintained a high-speed growth and is expected to create a new historical peak. Statistics show that in the first half of the year alone, the domestic tool market achieved a growth rate of 25% - 30%. Although the growth rate has dropped since July, and the friction coefficient of sintered iron is higher than that of several materials mentioned above, it can still achieve a growth rate of 15% throughout the year. Comparatively speaking, the international tool market has maintained a stable recovery in recent years, but the annual growth rate is conservatively estimated to be only about 3% - 5%, while the domestic market will gradually maintain a stable annual growth rate of 10% - 15% after experiencing the high-speed growth last year. Therefore, the growth rate of the domestic tool market capacity will be more than 3 times faster than that of the international market

China has become the world's largest tool market with the most development potential, and many multinational tool groups, without exception, take expanding tool sales in China as their first choice in their development strategies in the post crisis era. The Asia Pacific headquarters, R & D centers, training centers, logistics centers, etc. of enterprises have settled in China, so as to radiate Asia with China as the center and serve customers more directly and conveniently, Better meet the special needs of customers in the Asia Pacific region. According to the analysis, the main reason why the Chinese market receives such attention is that the Chinese market sales share accounts for an increasing proportion of its global market share. In order to firmly grasp the Chinese market, foreign tool manufacturing enterprises are carefully studying the needs of China's equipment industry. For example, shangao tool set up an industry development department this year, aiming to take the industry as the research object and focus on providing solutions for the processing of typical parts in the industry. The technical experts of this department are respectively responsible for a key industry, paying attention to the development trend of the industry, solving the technical problems of tool application in this industry, and holding tool application training for customers in this industry from time to time

stevemorency, President of the American cutting tool association uscti, said that globally, the market is quite busy from North America to some regions in Europe, as well as most regions in Asia. At the emo2011 machine tool exhibition held not long ago, the participants of composite Portland cement GB 12958 ⑴ 999 seemed to be looking for processing solutions that could solve production problems, rather than just purchasing casually. The sales of machine tool manufacturers at the exhibition seem to be quite strong. Many industries have provided opportunities for growth, and the development of aviation, especially commercial aircraft, automotive, medical and energy industries, is in the ascendant. Undertake the publicity, promotion and release of mechanical equipment, bearings, hydraulic elevators, investment promotion, and other industries

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