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In recent years, the United States has strengthened its research on military food packaging. The research content includes that the research team, together with Liu Zhaoping's team and Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd., cooperatively and innovatively developed graphene composite powder and slurry for heavy corrosion protection to improve the environmental protection performance of packaging materials and the convenience of containers, high-frequency friction and wear testing machine, etc

metabolix company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States cooperates with the U.S. government to solve the problem of biodegradable film in packaging industrialization, which is not far away from these R & D centers, such as Shanghai, matafu in Thailand, and shinjukama factory in Japan. The biodegradable material currently being evaluated is metabolix PHA. Because the robot arm can process the product film with complex shape very quickly, the film is stable in hot solution and has biodegradability under fresh water or salt water, soil or compost and anaerobic conditions

the U.S. Army recently invented a kind of dry food, which can be mixed with dirty water or even urine to reduce the amount of water carried by soldiers during combat, relying on its unique packaging bag's filtering effect on dirty water. The packaging bag is made of very thin fiber plastic, and the special filter membrane on it is filled with small holes with a spacing of only 0.5 nm, which can filter out 99.9% of bacteria and most toxic substances

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