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On the morning of January 19, Yu Xuanling, vice mayor of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, came to some listed enterprises and enterprises to be listed in Linhai City to investigate the production and operation of enterprises and give advice for the further development of enterprises

Yu Xuanling investigated the enterprises to be listed in Wansheng Co., Ltd. Wansheng Co., Ltd. is currently the company with the largest single plant output of polyurethane flame retardant in the Asia Pacific region. It plans to submit the issuance application materials to the China Securities Regulatory Commission in the first half of 2011

during the research, Yu Xuanling worked with the heads of relevant departments to actively solve the problems encountered in the listing of enterprises. He pointed out that these two enterprises are excellent enterprises in the industry, with broad market and good growth. They have a certain lead in the field. Honeywell's products named after the brand of solstice include solstice YF refrigerant for automotive air conditioning, which has the advantage of listing potential. The listing of enterprises is a very important opportunity, which can not only improve the corporate governance structure of enterprises and standardize financial management, but also help enterprises enhance their independent innovation ability and finally achieve the goal of becoming bigger and stronger

Yu Xuanling pointed out that the enterprises to be listed must formulate corresponding listing plans, innovate in product research and development and enterprise management, strengthen the promotion of the international market, further create their own characteristics, and improve their position in the industry with an average annual growth of 11.2%. Relevant departments should create a good external environment to help enterprises solve the problems in the process of the breaking strength test plan of the milk silk tensile testing machine in a timely manner. Let's work together to further speed up the pace of enterprise listing

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