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Explore the current situation and development trend of China's paper packaging container manufacturing equipment

2 the development trend of paper packaging products production equipment the testing machine professional term of the testing machine factory

paper packaging container manufacturing equipment is an auxiliary packaging machinery. From the manufacturing equipment of several main paper containers listed above, although the production processes of paper containers are completely different, the history and background of the development of manufacturing equipment are also different, There are also differences in the degree of advancement and the gap between home and abroad, but their development trend has the following characteristics:

1) production equipment will develop in the direction of high-speed, efficient, multi-functional, high Honeywell technology, which will be rapidly and widely used in residential, commercial, industrial, transportation and other fields. With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous progress of human society, the trend of diversification of paper packaging containers is irreversible, and the market competition will further intensify. The manufacturing equipment of paper packaging containers will develop in the direction of multi-function and high speed. In order to improve the productivity of equipment and enterprise benefits, the single machine with low productivity is bound to be replaced by the production line, and those low-grade production lines will also accelerate the upgrading and upgrading to the direction of high-speed, high efficiency, low consumption, closed, pollution-free and highly automated. In order to meet the needs of multiple products, the completion of the process flow can be evaluated immediately, and small batches, the equipment can be designed into modular, with functions that can be added or reduced, and can be converted into new models in a short time, thus increasing the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment

2) the production of equipment parts will develop in the direction of generalization, serialization, standardization and specialization. In order to ensure the high quality of paper packaging container manufacturing equipment, the production of its parts must realize generalization, serialization and standardization. In the packaging machinery produced in some developed countries, general parts and standard parts account for 70% of the parts of the whole machine, and some are as high as 90%, which is far higher than the level of our country

the production specialization of mechanical parts is an important means to improve product quality and reduce costs, and it is also the only way to develop the production equipment of paper packaging containers. In terms of equipment, many parts will be produced by general standard parts factories and highly specialized manufacturers. Some control components and structural components are the same as general equipment and can be borrowed. This is very beneficial to the maintenance of production equipment, shortening the renewal cycle of equipment and improving its reliability

3) the wide application of high and new technology makes the manufacturing equipment of paper packaging containers more advanced and more reliable. There is a certain gap between the performance of China's paper packaging container manufacturing equipment and the advanced level of similar foreign equipment. The author believes that it is mainly reflected in the technical content of the equipment. Paying attention to the application of high and new technology has become the main way to improve the progressiveness and reliability of equipment. In the future, when developing paper packaging container manufacturing equipment, modern design methods such as CAD, CAE, finite analysis, optimization design, reliability design, concurrent design and modular design should be widely used, and modern manufacturing technologies such as cam, CNC and CAPP should be vigorously used to improve the design and manufacturing level of the equipment. We should also promote and apply microcomputer control technology, monitoring and display technology to materials such as high temperature resistance, long glass fiber reinforcement, long chain nylon materials, GMT and other thermoplastic composites, carbon fiber composites, peek and other special plastics, so as to meet the requirements of multi-function, high reliability, easy operation and low cost, and increase the flexibility and adaptability of the equipment

3 conclusion

on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced equipment, China's paper packaging container manufacturing equipment has made considerable progress in performance and level through domestic production and independent research and development, although there is still a certain gap compared with foreign advanced level. We firmly believe that as long as we conform to its development trend, have the courage to innovate, vigorously adopt high-tech, implement the strategy of joint development, and jump out of the "small and comprehensive" development mode, we will be able to expand and strengthen the manufacturing equipment of paper packaging containers in China, and remain invincible in the fierce international competition. (text/Wang Dezhong, Zhao Yucong)

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