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Samsung: the future shape is collapsible

Samsung's profits are beginning to decline. Some people believe that this is because today's intelligent innovation has slowed down significantly. Hark sang Kim, senior vice president of Samsung, published an editorial on the 15th, explaining in detail why he doesn't think so. On the contrary, new technologies such as 5g, AI and AR will make intelligence more important to our daily life

Samsung believes that the above three can be affected by the larger screen. 3. According to the scope of utilization, it can be divided into warning tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, protective film tape, winding tape, sealing tape, die-cutting tape and other benefits. Samsung believes that the collapsible screen is the answer, which is the direction the company has been pursuing for many years. As early as at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition, Samsung showed its foldable display screen, and it took seven years to reach the current level, which is not easy

Samsung said that the foldable must be redesigned from scratch, and new materials must be developed to create a screen that can withstand hundreds of thousands of folds. The internal design of the fixed system at the other end had to be overturned and restarted. Samsung said that they changed 4. According to the experimental requirements, the loading speed changed the position of the foldable battery, cooling system and camera, so as to keep the fuselage slim after the surface of the parts is dry. The software must also be reconsidered, because the application must adapt to the transition from small screen to large screen

kim believes that Samsung's infinity flex display will open up new prospects for intelligent innovation. He predicts that a major change in design is not just folding, crimpable and scalable devices, which may soon be achieved

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