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What makes the content providers use nuggets to become a huge trap? Interests, of course. According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen has become an important town of global production. At present, there are nearly 100 manufacturers in Shenzhen, many of which are well-known brands, with an output of 500 million units in 2009. According to the statistical data from enterprises, more than 20 domestic brands in Shenzhen, such as TCL, Konka, Skyworth, ZTE, Huawei, Jinli, Guoqian, have also maintained strong export sales. Represented by Foxconn, its Nokia and Motorola OEM have an annual output of more than 30 million units; Samsung Shenzhen base produces 20million units annually; The annual production capacity of Philips Shenzhen base also exceeds 20million. Such a huge hardware production has created very favorable conditions for content providers to dig gold

according to the data provided by the Ministry of industry and information, at present, the number of users in China has reached 780million, and there are more than 20million users in Shenzhen alone. According to the average number of users who change one in a year and a half, this will be a very huge market

only the experiments made on the fracture of the global composite sample within the rod or the length of the rib without rotation are considered qualified. The material industry will reach $39.1 billion by 2022. Xiao Jian, general manager of Shenzhen happy wind game company, has calculated such an account. In 2009, the sales of domestic games can reach about 50million yuan per month, increasing at a rate of more than 50% a year, If the company needs to pay 3-5 yuan for each download of the game, and the game equipment is about 1 yuan, according to 780million users nationwide, as long as 1% of the users buy the game, it will bring more than 30million yuan of sales, which is a very good market. However, it is this market that is favored by many people who are obsessed with profit, and many traps are set in it. As long as users click carelessly, they will be cheated and deducted

there are three ways to deduct fees in disorder.

the survey from operators shows that at present, there are three ways to deduct fees in disorder, namely, voice, SMS and dream. The so-called voice class is mostly used to send text messages in a tone similar to that of acquaintances, for example, "haven't seen each other for a long time, do you miss me?" Defrauding users to dial the voice station is extremely expensive; The second is SMS, ordinary information transmission access number, such as the encouragement you can see everywhere on TV ××× reach ×××, What "if you don't forward this message to ten people, the whole family will die"; Another kind is dream, which is mostly built into the Internet, and charges are deducted through online login pages, MMS, etc

after knowing the above ways, let's see what forms of fee deduction are. One is time charge; One is on-demand, that is, charge by piece (time); There is also a subscription, that is, monthly subscription. It is through this trap that people are inexplicably "sucked in"

the first carrier of the fee deduction trap

an unnamed Shanzhai manufacturer told that the ex factory price of Shanzhai is getting cheaper and cheaper, some even below 200 yuan, and the profit of a machine is a few yuan. When the cost of hardware and other costs can no longer be reduced, fee deduction has become a way out, so basically, Shanzhai manufacturers will adopt this method. Even some domestic brands will have this situation. For example, some content providers pay at least three or five yuan to the manufacturer for the icons that appear on the desktop, and some fee deduction software even sign a sharing agreement with the manufacturer. At least 10% of the fees generated by these software are for the manufacturer. These profits are far greater than the sales profits, so the manufacturer is certainly willing to cooperate with the content provider

nowadays, it is the first carrier of the fee deduction trap. You can call, go online and send text messages. Since the country liberalized license control and lowered the technical threshold, it has become a very common mass consumer goods. In the past, SP mainly played tricks on WAP stations, misleading users to log in to its charging page with some enticing content, and unknowingly ordered or subscribed to value-added services. Different from computer broadband, broadband operators (such as Chinatelecom) are fair. They price clearly and only charge broadband fees, whether it is time-based, monthly, or other packages. When users log in to any interface on the computer, they will not be deducted by the operator. But the application is not. As long as you click, you will not only have traffic fees, but also pay high value-added service fees

the insider also told that setting traps on WAP pages is not so easy to deceive users after all. So, the extremely smart SPS thought of it. SP gives money to the manufacturer and loads SP software or menu in it. Moreover, the content displayed in these software can be modified at will, and the content can also be updated, so it is very deceptive. As long as the user presses the corresponding menu, he will automatically dial the audio station or send the uplink SP Access Number SMS or connect the network, thus falling into the trap of sp

during a recent survey in Huaqiangbei, it was found that fee deduction software and menus have become rampant. Foreign brands mainly set up special buttons or menus (some are also required by operators), provide some picture bells, messages, software, etc., some charge, some are free, and the phenomenon of withholding fees is not serious. A total of 26 berths have been built by domestic brands (legally linked by the Ministry of information industry) and cooperation with SP has been very common. Most of them are loaded with fee deduction software and menus, but the difference is the problem of more or less. The worst is black. Because black (mostly under the banner of domestic brands, packaging, stickers, warranty cards and so on have brand information, but are fake) is more lack of supervision, the problem is even more serious

in addition, insiders said that many domestic famous brands in China have the phenomenon of OEM to other manufacturers. For example, the OEM cost of "a certain department" is only about 150000 yuan. Such a low price, of course, greatly reduces the threshold of many manufacturers, and makes Shanzhai wear a more deceptive coat. 2 pages in total: 12 Shenzhen Evening News

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