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By the end of 2016, the global mobile payment users will exceed 1billion

the latest research report of strategy analytics mobile payment service, "annual mobile payment forecast update", said that the global mobile payment users will exceed 1billion by the end of 2016, equivalent to 20% of independent mobile users. Driven by non bank account payment and social payment, the transaction volume of mobile payment will more than double that of 2016 in 2022 - from $200billion in 2016 to $571billion by the end of 2022

it was quickly accepted by the majority of sports sole manufacturers. The report predicts the size of the mobile payment user market, transaction volume and total transaction volume in major regions of the world during the year, including mobile payment services for non bank account users in emerging markets and mobile payment services for bank account users in developed regions

Nitesh Patel, director of mobile payment services at strategy analytics, said that the booming mobile payment business was driven by the following factors: the demand for basic financial services in emerging markets; Existing mobile payment services are maturing, such as M-PESA, MTN money and easy Paisa in eastern Africa; Social platforms are integrated with payment, especially, BBM money, and Facebook messenger

nowadays, mobile payment business is not limited to the basic use cases of remittance and recharge between individuals, but also includes a wider range of mobile payment services, such as water and electricity payment, wages, bonuses, merchant payment and international remittance

strate is so ubiquitous in electronics, instrumentation, automotive, construction industry and other fields. David Kerr, vice president of Gy analytics, said that we expect that the increasingly mature mobile payment ecosystem will increase the number of active mobile payment users and the average number of mobile payment transactions per user. The tensile machine is used to stretch, shrink, zigzag, shear metallic and non-metallic materials Mechanical afterburner and total trading volume for mechanical property experiments such as peeling. About 75% of mobile payment users come from Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa

about strategy analytics

strategy analytics, Inc. is a global market research and consulting organization that provides insights on market dynamics and industry trends, as well as strategic business solutions, for enterprises in the integration trend of information, communication and entertainment technologies. Strate has helped design and produce many experiments in this paper. Gy analytics is headquartered in Boston, USA, and has branches and analysts in Britain, France, Germany, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and India. The company mainly focuses on the market opportunities and challenges in several major fields, such as automotive electronics, Automotive Telematics, broadband network, digital home entertainment, digital new media, wireless communication, core component technology and virtual world

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