The hottest mobile payment has entered a key year,

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Mobile payment has entered a key year, and operators are making efforts to make near-field payment

China's mobile payment is entering a rapid development path. Under the environment of increasingly improved 3G networks, increasingly civilian mobile terminals, and increasingly routine electronic payment, mobile payment will usher in explosive growth in 2012

mobile payment is considered to be one of the core businesses in the era of mobile e-commerce, which is conducive to promoting the development of mobile Internet and helping operators innovate their business models. As the main force of the mobile payment market, domestic operators are actively deploying. After obtaining the payment license, the three major operators have successively established payment companies, with mobile payment as the focus

at present, the three major operators have regarded 2012 as an important year for business promotion, among which near-field payment is expected to achieve nationwide large-scale development this year

China Mobile's near-field payment expanded to the whole country in the second half of the year

in the field of mobile payment, China Mobile chose to cooperate strategically with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. After two years of running in, the elastic Young's modulus between the two sides has crystallized. Recently, China Mobile and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank launched four products: China Mobile Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co branded card and late evolution product NFC, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to pay customer calls (paying calls), living payment and remittance. China Mobile regards this as a substantive breakthrough it has made in the field of payment business

among the four products, China Mobile Pudong Development Bank Co branded card and late evolution product NFC are important products for China Mobile to promote large-scale development this year. NFC customization integrates all functions of China Mobile Pudong Development Bank Co branded card. NFC customization uses wireless communication technology, and customers can realize traditional payment functions by brushing. The two sides have carried out relevant product testing in March 2012. With the increasingly improved functions, it is expected that all mobile financial applications will be migrated to NFC in the near future. Users only need to hold an NFC to swipe and consume, so as to realize real instant payment

in addition to NFC customization, China Mobile also revealed the latest progress of the two sides in CO branded cards. According to China Mobile, at present, China Mobile Pudong Development Bank Co branded card has issued 70000 cards. With the increasingly rich use scenarios, the business of China Mobile Pudong Development Bank Co branded card will be gradually extended to major cities across the country in the second half of 2012, leading the trend of mobile payment across the country

Unicom launched the pilot of near-field payment in the second half of this year

in April this year, China Unicom held the listing ceremony of Unicom payment Co., Ltd. in Beijing and announced that it would launch the near-field payment product based on e-cash in the second half of this year and launch the pilot

it is understood that it is the general trend for Unicom payment Co., Ltd. to replace steel with new materials. It is the only professional operating company engaged in payment business of China Unicom. It comprehensively plans the development of Unicom payment business, establishes a unified payment customs and payment capacity platform, and provides users with various payment services and solutions by integrating various financial payment tools and products. Up to now, Unicom payment company has cooperated with more than 20 banks, UnionPay, MasterCard and a number of third-party payment institutions, and launched a number of Wo payment products, including bank pass payment, wo account balance payment, bus card, express payment and other payment services covering individual users and industry application solutions

Dai renfei, general manager of China Unicom payment company, said that China Unicom payment company will actively layout mobile near-field payment, participate in the formulation of relevant standards, open cooperation with all parties in the near-field payment industry chain, and promote the development of identity authentication, low-cost, reliable service, bus cards, and card purchases. In the second half of the year, China Unicom payment company will launch and pilot a near-field payment product based on the external force cash at the yield point of PS, and continue to promote the development of bus cards and school enterprise all-in-one cards

it is understood that at present, China Unicom has carried out scale pilot businesses of rapid payment and payment in Jiangxi, Liaoning and Fujian provinces

Telecom cooperates with third parties to expand payment business

mobile payment is a new electronic payment product launched by Chinatelecom based on Tianyi application platform. The product form is divided into wing payment cooperation products and wing payment own account products

among them, wing payment cooperation products refer to Chinatelecom's cooperation with local municipal related institutions, third-party industry card companies and financial institutions to integrate the functions of local municipal cards (citizen cards, bus cards, all-in-one cards), industry cards or bank cards into UIM cards, so that swiping Tianyi can take buses, subways, taxis and other means of transportation, as well as public utilities payment, supermarket shopping, medical and health Social comprehensive insurance and other functional applications, or swipe Tianyi to pay directly with a bank card. Wing payment self owned account product refers to that after the user opens the business, the telecom background opens a wing payment account for the user. After the user stores value for the account, the user can use the account to make remote payment through web, SMS, voice and other methods in merchants of China Telecommunication Union and cooperative merchants. After handling wing payment card, the user can also make on-site payment by swiping POS

at present, Chinatelecom has cooperated with local commercial banks in Ningbo, Hebei, Dongguan and other places to promote mobile payment business. At the same time, Chinatelecom has established cooperative alliances with UnionPay commerce, UnionPay e-commerce and lakala third-party payment companies under China UnionPay to provide convenient payment for merchants. In addition, Chinatelecom also cooperates with industry users of airlines and bus companies to expand payment business through account connection

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