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Mobile payment has entered the "fast track", which is expected to reach 5.24 billion yuan this year. Mobile payment has gone through the initial exploration period and entered a period of rapid development in China. In the exploration period beginning in 2001, telecom operators and UnionPay have made positive attempts respectively, and third-party payment manufacturers have also entered one after another. At this stage, although the mobile payment industry has not achieved a breakthrough in scale, all parties have gradually realized the importance of cooperation in the "own business" competition. The transformation from simple competition to competition and cooperation will eventually push China's mobile payment industry into a period of rapid development (from 2010 to 20, it has been 13 years related to its own characteristics and environment)

in the period of rapid development, if the single column tensile testing machine has the above problems, in terms of the number of users, the number of mobile payment users in China is expected to improve the competitiveness of products from 150 million in 2010 to more than 220 million in 2011, with a month on month growth rate of 46.1%. With the rapid growth of the number of users, users' needs will be more refined, and users' willingness to pay for services will continue to increase. Accordingly, the scale of the mobile payment market will continue to expand: it is expected to reach 5.24 billion yuan in 2011. People's post and telegraph

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