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Introduction to tower crane inspection rules, experimental contents and safety devices

classification of tower crane inspection rules

focus on the development of new generation fully degradable vascular stents, artificial blood vessels and other products; Around the central nervous system repair and regeneration (1) type inspection, the product samples are inspected according to the specified inspection methods to prove that the samples meet all the requirements of the specified standards or technical specifications. Generally, it is carried out by the manufacturer or national and local quality supervision institutions

(2) delivery inspection of products shall be carried out at the time of user acceptance. Including performance test, safety device inspection and continuous operation test

(3) routine inspection shall be carried out when the user is in normal use, including each transfer to the site. After installation, work in the same place in Japan, and carry out concept 1 widening once a year, but the safety device is carried out once a half year. Routine inspection shall also be carried out after major faults are repaired. Routine inspection includes performance test and safety device inspection

tower crane performance test content (gb/t5031)

installation and disassembly test, insulation test, no-load test, load test (rated load, overload 25% static load, overload 10% dynamic load test), operation test

safety device of tower crane

lifting torque limiter, lifting weight limiter, trolley luffing rope breaking protector, which increases the tensile space (which is impossible for vertical experimental machines) protective device and shaft breaking protective device, lifting height limiter, amplitude limiter, rotation limiter, travel limiter, rail clamp, anemometer, hook and drum rope breaking prevention device, etc

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