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The mobile payment industry started and staged a competition and cooperation game

domestic commercial banks that began to transform have another competitor, a third-party payment enterprise

on September 18, China Merchants Bank and HTC jointly launched the first mobile payment product, China Merchants Bank wallet, under the new standards of domestic commercial banks. A month later, on October 18, Alipay, the first brother of third-party payment, also released its mobile payment product super payment

in the context of the transformation of China's banking industry, this is not a gimmick. Previously, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other banks launched their own mobile payment products. Ma Weihua, the president of China Merchants Bank, even said that he would abolish his bank card through his wallet

however, for commercial banks, the time is far from ripe for mobile payment business to form a climate

mobile financial services represented by mobile payment symbolize the development direction of financial services in the future. A number of interviewed banks and third-party payment enterprises basically take graphite as their main business. The personage said to "next, share in detail 1 the operation of oil delivery valve and oil return valve: yicaijing" that the mobile payment market has just started, and the cooperation of relevant parties is greater than competition. For banks, business environment, regulatory policies, difficulties in industrial chain integration and other factors are the real obstacles to the development of bank mobile payment business

transformation pressure

in fact, the evolving financial disintermediation and the generalization of financial services have become the biggest impact and threat faced by commercial banks. Commercial banks hope to realize business transformation by developing mobile payment business

with the impact of macro environment such as interest rate liberalization and currency internationalization, commercial banks are facing great transformation pressure, and the mobile financial business represented by mobile payment is representing the development direction of financial services in the future. Relevant people from Shanghai Pudong Development Bank said that Shanghai Pudong Development Bank will rely on the opportunity of strategic cooperation with China Mobile to develop retail banking business and realize strategic transformation

Ma Weihua previously called out that with the rapid development of Internet and mobile payment, traditional banks will become a group of dinosaurs that will die out in the 21st century if they do not change

in fact, the predators in the mobile payment market are far more than banks. This means that in addition to the fierce competition among peers, banks have to face the involvement of third parties

we all know that mobile payment is the future trend. Not only banks, but also operators and third-party payment manufacturers are expanding mobile payment. Shenzhen TenPay, a third-party payment company, told this newspaper

according to relevant sources of TenPay, the company is cooperating with Tencent micro life to develop various payment methods and scenarios. In the future, users will be able to enjoy easy and convenient payment by using TenPay in many life fields, such as buying clothes, dining out, home, shopping out, travel, entertainment, tourism and so on

According to Liu Jianjun, executive vice president of Retail Banking Department of China Merchants Bank, mobile payment has formed a pattern of remote payment and near-field payment. At present, the mobile payment business launched by all banks belongs to near-field payment

due to the characteristics of mobile payment, its application range is limited by fatigue limit - the material can withstand the maximum fluctuating stress limited by infinite cycles. The scope of application is also very similar and concentrated in public and consumer fields such as bus and subway. For example, China Merchants Bank wallet is mainly used in supermarkets, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, bakeries and other places. Pudong Development Co branded cards are mainly used in convenience stores, supermarkets, designated food markets in Shanghai and Changsha, Ningbo bus, Shenzhen parking lots and other convenient places

because of the limitations of the application field, customer acceptance has become the key to the success or failure of mobile payment for all banks. Those who win customers win the world. Relevant people from Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Merchants Bank repeatedly emphasized the importance of customer experience in interviews

Liu Jianjun believes that the key to the success of mobile payment business of banks lies in customer experience, convenience and security. The globally recognized direction of mobile payment is NFC, that is, the NFC chip is built in the, which carries out point-to-point non-contact data exchange, and grafts various functions of communication. In addition to the payment function, just associate a China Merchants Bank all-in-one card with the touch card of the wallet, and you can recharge the wallet account

when the mobile payment business of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is paid on the POS machine with UnionPay QuickPass flash payment logo, users need to attach a pendant card or patch card. In terms of functions, its four platforms can not only complete basic transactions such as account management, transfer and remittance, gold transaction, query point, but also check the weather and nearby preferential merchant information, find the address of nearby hospitals, etc

however, a general view in the industry is that the mobile payment market has just started, the cooperation is still large, and the performance is very stable in competition. Unlike traditional financial services, mobile financial services integrate a variety of financial services, requiring extensive participation of all parties and joint exploration and research of the industry. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank said

relevant people of TenPay also believe that under the condition that the development direction, technology and business model are not mature, banks need to cooperate more at present

multiple constraints to be solved

the fact is that mobile payment is far from forming a climate, whether in transaction scale or application field. Taking Shanghai Pudong Development Bank as an example, the data provided by the bank to this newspaper shows that at the end of September this year, the cumulative number of CO branded cards issued was 200000, and the monthly transaction volume in September was 200million yuan. Most banks are still on the sidelines

the mobile payment market is still in the cultivation stage, the environment is not so ideal, and it will take some time to truly form a scale. Liu Jianjun said that although many banks have launched mobile payment products, it is too early to apply them on a large scale

in the view of the above people from Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the factors restricting the development of mobile payment come from many aspects. At present, the payment acceptance environment is not ideal. Except for a few regions such as Shanghai, Shenzhen and Ningbo, merchants using contactless POS machines are scattered and difficult to form passenger flow

in addition, with the development of technology, intelligence is facing the risk of being invaded and controlled, which may cause direct economic losses to users, and further derive other social problems, which hinder the normal development of mobile finance. More importantly, all parties in the market need a cooperative and win-win industrial alliance and ecological environment, but the win-win mechanism and business model in line with the interests of all parties have not been established

in this person's view, the most important thing is the restrictions on mobile payment business formed by the existing regulatory policies and the lack of unified standards. Mobile finance involves cross industry integration and regulation, which requires breakthroughs in existing regulatory policies and the development of unified standards

the lack of standards makes it difficult for all parties in the industry to form a joint force, and the business development of enterprises is bound to be limited, so they dare not invest rashly, which restricts the development of the whole mobile financial business. He said

Liu Jianjun also holds a similar view. He believes that the mobile payment industry involves banks, manufacturers, UnionPay, operators, merchants and other aspects. The key to its development lies in the integration of the industrial chain, but all parties concerned have their own interests. At present, the integration of the industrial chain is very difficult and requires a long-term process. To complete the industrial chain integration, I think it will take about three years as soon as possible. He said

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