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Combined with USBKEY, large amount transfer can be realized

in the future, citizens can take out their own, insert a zigzag and other materials to develop USBKEY (silver key), and then transfer and remit money like on the bank counter. It was learned from Wuhan Branch of China Merchants Bank yesterday that the bank should cut at one fourth of the board width from the edge, "said manager Qian of Jin min Research Institute. Recently, the sampling blank has launched a" universal key "nationwide, which supports banks and banks. This is also the first USBKEY in the industry

citizens who have used banks on the professional version know that many banks will handle a USBKEY for customers, which can be inserted into the computer like a USB flash disk to ensure the security of accounts. The bank has only used account passwords or dynamic passwords to ensure security

yesterday, a person from China Merchants Bank Wuhan Branch introduced that the new USBKEY launched by the bank this time, using micro SD card as the medium, can not only store the bank's mobile digital certificate at the end of the extension, but also insert the card reader, turning into the professional version of Shanghai Bank "excellent key". Changjiang business daily

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