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Payment is about to be put into trial operation in Beijing

you can pay by card, send a text message on the way after work, turn on the air conditioner at home, and see the situation at home thousands of miles away... These beautiful smart life scenes are no longer far away. The 2010 China International Information and Communication Exhibition opened in Beijing old country exhibition yesterday. Compared with the performances of major manufacturers on 3G last year, new technologies such as IOT, TD-LTE and triple convergence have become the focus of this communication exhibition

IOT makes home smart

IOT is the latest term last year and is also regarded as the most potential industry, but ordinary people are confused about it. This year, the three major operators and many manufacturers have opened IOT display areas, and the convenience brought by IOT has come to us

China Mobile's "yijutong" business made its debut yesterday. I saw a seemingly ordinary TD wireless fixed line, "secret" connected with combustible gas detector, carbon monoxide detector, smoke sensor, door (window) magnetic alarm and intelligent air conditioner. If the natural gas in the home exceeds the standard, the host will automatically send text messages or call the owner; If someone opens the door, the sample also passes the window, and the host will sound an alarm and quickly notify the owner by text message. The staff told that these functions will be tested in Beijing before the end of this year, and more household appliances will be connected in the future

Chinatelecom directly launched the concept of "5A smart home" to check the situation at home in real time through computers, etc

Take another sample and redo it.

intelligent medicine, intelligent agriculture and intelligent transportation are all examples of IOT. Datang Telecom has brought the "digital Jungar" project, such as Ping'an campus monitoring - the intelligent camera can automatically alarm for illegal acts of climbing over the school wall, and even monitor and alarm for violations to garbage

payment is not far away

citizens are expected to enjoy the convenience of card consumption in the next few months. Yesterday, the three major operators brought the latest payment services. Unicom staff told that the Unicom all-in-one card will be commercially available soon, but the specific time has not been determined. At that time, just change a SIM card with payment function or a customized one, and then recharge to realize the payment function. Consumers can see the balance and the amount of this payment as long as they gently place it in the sensing area

China Mobile's payment business has made a small test at the WorldExpo. Yesterday, the latest integrated information service machine displayed as a calculation basis can not only realize shopping, but also pay electricity, water and gas charges. Relevant staff told that they were currently considering trial operation in Beijing. The "wing payment" of Telecom is also blooming in other places, and is currently considering entering the Beijing market

the world's first "quasi 4G" concept car appeared

TD-LTE, known as the "quasi 4G standard", was brilliant at this exhibition. Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson and Datang Telecom have all launched relevant technical solutions. It is noteworthy that Shanghai Bell has brought the world's first TD-LTE concept car (small picture). There are only three similar vehicles in the world

the concept car was developed by Alcatel lucent, QNX Software System Co., Ltd., members of the "next generation interconnection plan", and Samsung in cooperation with Harman international industry Co., Ltd. based on the Shanghai Volkswagen touan automobile platform. In the car, you can use rich audio, video and games anytime and anywhere, and get detailed traffic and weather applications. HD IPTV makes traffic jam time a pastime

service information

this communication exhibition will last until the 15th of this month. Visitors can make an appointment to register, or fill in personal information on site, change/receive tickets for admission free, and realize the installation and utilization of new materials such as high-performance glass fiber, high-end industrial ceramics, special functional glass on domestic civil aircraft as soon as possible. Beijing Morning Post

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