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The cover plate will be "made in Anyang"

on May 26, in the exhibition hall of the new photoelectric display material industrial park of Henan Xuyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as xuyangdian), the elongation automatic display staff showed us the star product "King Panda" second-generation display cover plate glass. Unexpectedly, the glass can be used as a protective layer for intelligent terminals and touch screens. The most common one is to make a protective cover for the intelligent touch screen. At present, this technology has been applied to terminals of various well-known brands. Of course, this is not ordinary glass, but a new type of photoelectric display cover glass

led by Mr. zhengqingkuan, deputy general manager of Xuyang optoelectronics, we came to the construction site of the new optoelectronic display material industrial park. "This is a construction site 12 meters underground. Glass production is a dynamic balance under high temperature. Once the balance is broken, it will lead to glass quality problems. Therefore, stability is the basis of glass melting, and the kiln is the heart of glass production." The production of high-end display materials has high requirements for furnace structure and temperature. We have core technology. "Zheng qingkuan introduced.

Zheng qingkuan said that in Anyang City and Anyang County (demonstration area) With the close attention of leaders at all levels, the project construction is advancing in an orderly manner. The first phase of the project is scheduled to ignite the kiln on July 1, and the second phase is scheduled to start construction on July 1 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with high quality, high standards and high efficiency. The first batch of qualified products is expected to be offline in September

speaking of high-end display cover glass, it is widely used to protect the screen and back cover on intelligent terminals, that is, the common double-sided glass. So, what is the progressiveness of high-end display cover glass? What are the benefits

with the continuous increase of smart shipments, 5g smart shipments account for an increasing proportion. 5g signal is greatly affected by obstacles. Metal and plastic back covers are more likely to interfere with signals. Instead, the front and rear covers of 5g will be made of glass, which is a key component of the touch screen industry. Therefore, the demand for cover glass will surge in the future

due to the influence of factors such as mold structure and forming conditions of Xuyang optoelectronics, the high-end display cover glass project adopts the world's most advanced technology. The design and production specifications of the production line range from 0.33mm to 6mm, which can be compatible with more high-end display covers and special glass products

can such thin glass withstand falling? The answer is yes. Each group of display cover glass has undergone strict safety tests. In the xuyangguang electric products exhibition hall, the staff showed the ball impact test. Adjust the steel ball with the specified weight to a certain height to make it fall freely, and it will not break when hitting the glass, and there is no impact trace

the cover glass technology adopted by Xuyang optoelectronics won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award, which made up for the lack of domestic technology and broke the monopoly of foreign technology. On the basis of extensive research, the design of the whole production line fully considers the evolution trend of products and technologies in the next 5 - 10 years to ensure that products will not fall behind in the next 10 years

in the "14th five year plan" development plan, the state clearly proposed to play a key role in promoting scientific and technological innovation in the smooth circulation, solve the "bottleneck" problem, realize the localization of basic materials in the high-tech field, and accelerate the replacement of high-end display materials through localization

Zheng qingkuan said that due to the domestic flat glass market, which broke the market monopoly of foreign manufacturers, the price of imported flat glass fell by more than 60% on average, because the price decline and the replacement of localized flat glass have led to a sharp decline in the price of consumer electronic products, such as tablet computers, which ultimately benefited consumers

after the production of the high-end display cover glass project, the products are at the international leading level. The performance of the second generation products of "King Panda" is better than that of imported glass, but the price is lower than that of imported glass. In addition, its after-sales service and responsiveness are faster than those of foreign manufacturers, which will further enhance its advantage in occupying the market

ultra thin glass, curved glass, 3D car, anti glare glass High tech projects are about to break out in Anyang, branded with the mark of "made in Anyang". As a pioneer in China's real industry, xuyangguang Electric is riding the east wind of high-tech industry research and development, helping Anyang's economic transformation and high-quality development with self-improvement and independent innovation will, and ensuring the supply security of the domestic display industry chain with national industrial feelings

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