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Key marking machine

"Huagong laser" fully considers the production needs of key manufacturers. Based on the semiconductor laser marking machine lsd50s, the customized duplex simultaneous key marking machine lsd50k can replace workpieces while marking, saving 20% of the production time compared with the traditional single station marking machine

lsd50k is a model customized for the characteristics of the key industry. It is specially designed for key manufacturers. It is dedicated to various organic materials, silica gel, plastic and electroplating. It provides characters and graphic marks for theoretical guidance keys, coating products, etc. for the plan of the 500 ton tension machine. Its brand-new optical path and software design, high-quality imported parts, make the system have good stability and application effect, Make the characters marked have neat and clear edges and good light transmittance

lsd50k main features:

◆ the exquisite sealing design can form a pressure difference inside and outside the laser, so that it is truly spotless

◆1. Regularly check the screw marking station at the jaw. The sealed chamber design and professional dust removal system can effectively remove the dust generated by marking

◆ the design of double working table and easy to change fixture is convenient for replacement between different products

◆ high precision marking quality: light bars with different apertures (0.8 ~ 2.6mm) can be selected and installed on the laser to obtain spot output of different sizes to ensure the marking accuracy

◆ the laser and power supply are controlled by full software, and all parameters are set in the software. Different parameters can be set and stored for different keys, and different parameters can be called at any time in production to produce different products

◆ continuous light output or pulse light output can be selected for different materials, coating and marking content, so that the marking of various keys can achieve more uniform light transmittance and excellent edge effect, and the thermal effect on the base material can also be minimized, so as to adapt to a wider range of applications and higher marking requirements, especially for thicker coatings and different requirements for the same key material, It can significantly accelerate the marking speed and improve the production capacity

◆ there are up to eight layers of graphics and text, and each layer can support different marking parameters; It supports marking each layer according to the specified sequence and inter layer delay; It supports the direct import of DXF and PLT formats of AutoCAD and PLT formats of CorelDRAW, and distinguishes each layer by color, which is intuitive and convenient for users to use

lsd50k has two laser output modes: continuous and pulse. Pulse mode is selected when pressing silver, black and metallic keys, and continuous mode is selected when pressing green, red, white and other paint keys. 50W high energy output and wide frequency adjustment range make it suitable for keys. The supply of high-performance products will enable market participants to establish a key difference advantage, with wider adaptability, for the "all-round" key marking machine

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