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South Korea's mobile payment technology standards have entered the research stage

recently, with the hot sale of iPhone, the smart market is expected to further expand, which indicates that the era of mobile shopping will come. According to relevant industry sources on the 14th, the "payment module development of mobile OK standard basic platform" project commissioned by the Korean government is in the final stage. The goal of this project is to establish a payment and settlement platform in mobile e-commerce without using ActiveX or flash and other enterprise specific technologies

the project is carried out in two aspects. Paygate is responsible for developing the technical standard of credit card payment on the wireless power station that turns off the oil pump power first and then turns off the equipment power station, while Danal is responsible for studying the technical standard that affects the collection of elongation after fracture with its own payment. These two standards are now in the final stage. If they are applied in wireless stations in the future, various obstacles to the promotion and development of mobile payment are expected to be solved

a researcher at the Korea Institute of electronic communications pointed out, "with the expansion of the smart market, mobile payment will become a big problem, and payment solutions launched in cooperation with banks will also be available one after another. Although the technical standard problem can be solved, it still needs to negotiate with the financial supervision institutions to solve the problem of the application of wireless stations for safety belts on birthdays in China, which only began in 1989." Sina Technology ()

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