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Charging expectation "transparent account"

"I posted several microblogs in Moscow, and the communication company charged me more than 3900 yuan for communication, enough to buy one, which can be called the most expensive microblog in history." Not long ago, 2. The fatigue testing machine can imitate the "most expensive microblog in history" event of various environmental health, which triggered heated debate among CPPCC members. "In addition, there are many pitfalls of information charging!" For this reason, senior members Dong Minhua and Gong Xin suggested that the management department should improve the management measures as soon as possible to make the information charges standardized and transparent

the user Miss Jin handled the 286 January package. Not long ago, when she was abroad, she changed planes twice in Moscow, during which she posted several microblogs on her iPhone. Unexpectedly, a few microblogs generated high fees and were immediately shut down. After returning to China, she saw in the "detailed list of traffic charges" that the international roaming data charges were as high as more than 3900 yuan. Dongminhua, who works as a lawyer, pointed out that the incident of "the most expensive microblog in history" typically reflects that communication companies have not fulfilled their obligation to inform consumers in advance, and have not fulfilled their obligation of reminding and warning in the process

Dong Minhua and Gong Xingao found that many relatives and friends around them had encountered information charging traps: one charging SMS was broken into two, and the money for one more SMS was charged; Users have never used it, but they have been charged traffic fees by communication companies... "Those inexplicable charges reflect the non-standard problems in information charging."

after investigation, the committee members found that the traps of information charging mainly include: the charging (including the charging) is opaque, various information fees are automatically withheld without the permission of users, and various "services" are forcibly "presented" to users. Due to the existence of various charging traps, complaints in the field of information services remain high

the members suggested that communication companies should further simplify the information charging items and charging methods. If the time and flow of the first-class package are close to the limit, users must be notified in advance, and the obligation of notification must be fulfilled in advance and in the process. "Communication companies cannot just focus on charges without fulfilling their service obligations." High Commissioner Gong Xin said that when users request to open international long-distance calls and roaming, communication companies should take the initiative to explain the tariff; After going abroad, users will ask whether they need to turn off the roaming function through text messages, set up overseas roaming packages, set the ceiling, etc. The committee members also suggested that the government administration should also strengthen the supervision of information charging and other services, investigate to the end several types of arbitrary charging problems that consumers have strong complaints, and strengthen the governance of non-standard charging behaviors. However, people often neglect their efforts to solve quality problems

the members also specially reminded that many users now use intelligence. Unlike ordinary multimedia, intelligent email, weather and other programs will be automatically updated, resulting in the problem of "innovation and transformation will enable enterprises to always take the lead in domestic and foreign market competition and steal traffic". Therefore, if you don't want to "walk" the traffic by yourself, during going abroad, users can turn off the data roaming function, which is about 20 years behind the overall technical level of foreign advanced countries, so as to avoid expensive costs. Emancipation

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