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Android, the operating system developed by Baidu Alibaba Tencent, is facing a test. Embedding a direct search box in the mobile terminal has become a new cake coveted by the three major domestic Internet giants

if you are a "user" who is keen to change the operating system, you must be familiar with all kinds of systems. From Apple's IPhoneOS, Nokia's Symbian system, Microsoft's windowsphone, to Google's Android (Android) operating system, which soon became popular all over the world, the "system war" of mobile terminals continues to spread

at present, this war has burned to China. Because the Android operating system is very open and not localized, the composition of abrasive particles can be determined according to color and shape, which brings new opportunities for several major Internet giants to layout mobile terminals. Recently, the news that Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba have developed operating systems has been frequently exposed. Are the three companies hyping or testing the water? It is not known yet. Some insiders pointed out that the localization of Android operating system will face a test

is the product still under development

Sina Technology recently disclosed that Baidu is planning to launch an operating system, and said that the operating system will be launched by the end of this year. Previously, Robin Lee told the media that it takes 45 seconds to start the iPhone normally. Baidu will develop a software to start the smart or tablet computer within 1 second, and provide users with a search box on the mobile terminal

at present, Baidu's products in mobile Internet also include wireless search, handheld Baidu, input method, map, browser, etc

at the same time, according to sources, Alibaba cloud, a subsidiary of Alibaba group, is expected to launch a mobile terminal operating system in the third quarter of this year. According to Alibaba cloud insiders, Alibaba cloud has been carrying out a project called "Tianyun", perhaps the name of the operating system. It is understood that Alibaba Group will integrate the clients developed by its subsidiaries into the operating system, including Wangwang, Alipay wireless and the input method, browser and other applications under internal test. The operating system is a redevelopment based on Android

insiders revealed to the daily economy that Alibaba's system may be embedded in the latest products of Beijing manufacturer Tianyu for sales, and the two sides will cooperate in the mode of profit sharing of mobile applications

last year, there was also an outflow of data from Tencent. The data shows that Tencent is considering developing its own brand qphone and its operating system. According to the information, Tencent plans to launch q-service integration scheme for manufacturers, and establish a joint venture with Intel to jointly develop new products running MeeGo intelligent operating system

however, when calling the public relations departments of three companies, they all said that the company would not respond to relevant issues at present

for the three Internet giants to test the water operating system, Analysys analyst Lu Libin analyzed that in the system field, Alibaba's future development space will tend to this process, which needs to reduce 75% of energy consumption in the market segment, and its main purchase platform has certain potential. As far as Baidu is concerned, it is still unknown whether it can really launch the operating system in the future because it does not have the business of transmitting torque to the torque disk end to detect torque potential through sample loading on the mobile terminal and lacks user accumulation. At the same time, Tencent has certain advantages in launching the operating system, and it has a large user group. However, due to the lack of corresponding technical and industrial advantages, it is estimated that Tencent will not launch a system like apple IPhoneOS in a short time

development faces challenges

with the popularization of intelligence, mobile Internet has become the focus of the strategic layout of Internet companies

Gu Yong, director of Yulong Coolpad brand department, told that at present, most domestic manufacturers still take a wait-and-see attitude towards the Android localization system launched on the market, "It is very difficult to truly build an operating system that can be universally recognized. It requires the cooperation of the whole industrial chain. At the same time, products should be featured, able to control fragmentation and have power-off memory function differentiation. The core of manufacturers' attention is products. The key is whether the improved system can do better in product localization than Android, an imported semi-finished product."

Gu Yong pointed out that the operating systems previously launched by mobile, China Unicom and other operators were all cold in the market, because the Android system was upgraded rapidly, and it was difficult for the domestic technical team to follow up in time, resulting in the localized operating system often facing problems such as version lag and vulnerability repair difficulties. At the same time, the operating system after secondary development by operators has greatly reduced the openness of the system, reducing the interest of third-party manufacturers and application developers, which are also the problems that Internet manufacturers must face when developing systems

"although domestic companies have joined the operating system scuffle, they have missed the best opportunity to enter the market, so they are not optimistic about the prospects of this business." Lu Libin said that the success of Android system is due to the accurate timing. At present, apple and other operating systems have been recognized by the market. At this time, domestic companies enter this field, and there is little room for development. At the same time, Google's business line is relatively perfect, and it does not just stay in the search field. Compared with it, some domestic Internet content providers have a large gap with it. Daily economy

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