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Call 120 to locate in real time. The first aid response time in the central urban area of Shanghai is shortened.

emergencies require emergency rescue. Call "120" to achieve real-time positioning. The location of the injured is immediately located on the map platform of the city's "120" dispatching command center. The Municipal Health Bureau disclosed this morning that citizens listed as the 2010 practical project of the municipal government called "120" to achieve real-time positioning successfully, and Shanghai's medical emergency channel is "accelerated" again, The average emergency response time in the central urban area has been shortened to 12 minutes

according to the Municipal Health Bureau, the task of medical aid in the city is very heavy, and the number of emergency ambulance trips has increased significantly every year. Last year, the number of emergency ambulance trips dispatched by the "120" in the city reached 223000, with the highest daily business volume of 927, and has exceeded 230000 from January to November this year

in order to better unblock the first aid channel and improve the rescue speed, the city has listed strengthening pre hospital first aid work as a practical project of the municipal government for many consecutive years, and invested a huge amount of money to improve first aid facilities and equipment. At present, the city's "120" dispatch and command center has set up 24 seats, with global positioning and navigation system (GPS), electronic map system (GIS), automatic call address display and dialogue automatic recording system, computer automatic dispatch and disposal system, large screen information display system and 800 megabyte wireless communication system, and has 111 first-aid sub stations, 500 first-aid vehicles, and 36 first-aid sub stations in the central urban area, There are 210 ambulance vehicles, and the first aid time is greatly shortened. The average first aid elastic curve in the central urban area shows that the reaction time has been shortened to about 12 minutes, which effectively promotes the first aid speed of the whole city. The Chinese Academy of engineering focuses on consulting that this method is applicable to the old-fashioned oil cylinder The Chinese inquiry project of hydraulic universal testing machine with pointer "the current situation of waste treatment of primary plastic products and utilization and development of biodegradable plastics in China" launched the improvement of first-aid quality in Nanjing, which was highly praised by the general public

as one of the practical projects of the municipal government in 2010, the implementation of real-time positioning of citizens' call "120" aims to faster improve the speed of first aid and better timely and rapid rescue of patients' lives. According to medical designers, there is no need to give in! Ambulance experts said that with the continuous development of mobile communication technology, the penetration rate is getting higher and higher, and the number of emergency calls initiated by the has been increasing in the proportion of all 120 emergency calls. Due to the particularity of mobile, many users do not know their location or often make mistakes when describing their location when dialing 120, resulting in the 120 operator delaying the ambulance dispatch time because it takes too long to determine the exact location of the caller. When the ambulance arrives at the scene described by the caller, it is often difficult to find the caller quickly and delay the treatment of the illness, which seriously affects the response and rescue of the user's 120 call for help. After the completion of the positioning system project, the location information of users who dial 120 can be automatically obtained and displayed on the map platform of "120" dispatching command center. 120 the first aid acceptance system immediately issued the departure instruction, indicating the direction on the ambulance, which greatly shortened the first aid response time

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Health Bureau pointed out today that the construction of a positioning system is of great significance, and it is a major measure taken by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to pay attention to people's livelihood and protect the health of citizens. The completion of the system can greatly save the time for the operator to ask for the location information of the user for help; It can improve the efficiency of ambulance dispatch and save medical resources; It can effectively cope with the continuous development and changes. Evening paper

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