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Helicopter operation and maintenance! Is China's offshore wind power ready

with the rapid development of offshore wind power industry, offshore wind farm resources are becoming more and more limited, and the development of offshore wind power has become a general trend

at present, in Europe, the offshore wind power industry has brought new development opportunities to the helicopter business. The offshore wind farm booster station helicopter takeoff and landing platform and the wind turbine personnel lifting and landing platform have become standard configurations. On the one hand, it is used for helicopter safety rescue, on the other hand, it is used for on-site operation and maintenance

first of all, from the perspective of safety 1. Manual hydraulic universal material testing machine, helicopter should also be the standard configuration for offshore operations. It is an indispensable means of transportation for maritime rescue. If there is a personal safety accident in the wind turbine or booster station, the wind farm 30 kilometers offshore only needs 6 minutes of flight time, and the operation and maintenance ship needs more than 1 hour, based on the speed of the helicopter 300 kilometers per hour. For the safety rescue where time is life, it is easy to know at a glance which is better

from the perspective of operation and maintenance. At present, the operation and maintenance ship generally cannot go to sea when the maximum wave height exceeds 1.5 meters, and the size of the large sample is often small to the diameter φ During the golden wire wind period of 0.005mm, the operation and maintenance ship cannot go to sea. At this time, the power generation capacity is also high. Once the fan fails, you can only watch the huge loss of power generation revenue. In particular, its corrosion resistance is that with the gradual use of large capacity units, once a unit fails to generate power due to failure, it will bring greater loss of power generation income

compared with the operation and maintenance ship, speed and efficiency are the advantages of helicopters. Generally speaking, if the wave height is between 2 meters and 6 meters, helicopters can be considered for rapid fault handling. Therefore, it is a good choice to use helicopters to go to sea for operation and maintenance when weighing revenue and output

at present, domestic manufacturers are gradually providing helicopter operation and maintenance and rescue services, which is believed to be a blue ocean in the future of offshore wind power industry

the following video shows the helicopter hovering over Siemens 6MW fan from admission to the fan, lifting operation and maintenance personnel and tools until departure, so that you can intuitively feel the convenience and efficiency of helicopter operation and maintenance. When I saw the moment when the operation and maintenance personnel were hoisted, I couldn't help thinking of the seal commando, it was simply! Do sea fans also want to try it? Now they want to increase 1000 times to the PPT level

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