Is bright packaging a symbol of achievement in the

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In direct selling, is bright packaging a symbol of achievement?

good appearance, good achievement

in the direct selling industry, we especially emphasize personal image, "decorate ourselves with the money from the decoration store, and invest in ourselves with the money from the investment company!" This is the right statement and the right way to do it, because a serious salesperson has to contact a large number of strangers every day, and communicate with strangers. It takes only one or two hours or even one or twenty minutes to gain the trust of each other. This is the focus of his work, because only in this way can he have the next opportunity to contact, otherwise the opportunity will only be once, and there may be no second opportunity if he misses it, So it is more important to train yourself to give people the first impression, so it is a negative performance to appropriately package your appearance

never put the cart before the horse, just focus on material performance blindly, because it will only cost a lot of money but will not achieve long-term results, and you should be mentally prepared. Pursuing outstanding performance in material will be an endless way. Once you are used to using material as a way to attract others' attention, you will not only not get good results, but will cause the wrong copy of the organization

if you can't make ends meet, ask for trouble.

I often see that many people in direct selling will focus on material acquisition as their communication focus, and take it as a sign of making money. Its belt tension experimental machine actually has a bright appearance, which not only attracts you, but also deeply attracts me. It's definitely not that it's wrong to have a bright appearance, because this is too extreme, but how to make yourself do what at what stage and under what conditions, study the major in financial management, and then help yourself make a comprehensive plan. Some people say that spending money is an art, It's definitely not spending money indiscriminately. Learning how to spend money on the knife edge is very effective, valuable and meaningful. This is an important subject we must learn

being superficial and unrealistic is difficult to achieve great success.

many people feel that the direct selling industry is not practical, unstable and unsafe, while the direct sellers feel that they are superficial, ambitious and unrealistic. Why does the direct selling and direct selling industry give people such an impression and view? There are several reasons why I must cause such misunderstanding:

1. It is too much emphasis on material acquisition. Real business pays more attention to the steps and methods of realizing dreams, rather than just being responsible for making big dreams. In the tradition, everyone knows that only the money that can be earned into their own pockets really belongs to them, and dreams are realized by practical actions

2. Not everyone will focus on material matters, because everyone will have his own philosophy of spending money, pursue material gain, or use material gain to represent success. This concept is too one-sided and cannot be recognized by most people

3. People are becoming more and more rational now. If they only use materials to communicate with people, it is difficult to have strong persuasion. It may be because in this regard, many people have been cheated by some deceptive industries and suffered losses. Everyone is more cautious and careful

4. In the past few years of the development of direct selling business, too many direct sellers have made things beyond their ability to test and identify the strength of the tube body, which is necessary for the users of the ring expander, under the condition of over expanding themselves. As a result, too many cases of debt have been left, which is a warning

these are part of the reasons for the society's unrealistic attitude towards MLM people. Considering these reasons, we should be able to find the direction of change. If people doubt these unrealistic behaviors, should we let these behaviors disappear or adjust them

learn financial management and increase wealth

learn thermal insulation effect first, and then there will be financial management. The direct seller is his own boss. No good boss can succeed in getting rich without knowing financial management, and only those who do not know financial management and fail and go bankrupt. In the busy life of the direct seller every day, do you have time to arrange for yourself to learn financial management? If you don't learn finance or ignore the importance of finance, you will find that the money you earn seems to be spent unconsciously

learn to make money first, never learn to spend money first before learning to make money first. Some people say: if you spend too much money, you will learn to manage money in debt. Maybe this is the motivation to find ways to learn to manage money, but most of what I see are only learned to complain and will be completely shirked. As a result, you still haven't learned to manage money after you have a substitute for the dead. In addition to complaining, you still complain

financial management in direct selling is particularly important, because every small expenditure is easy to be ignored, but water drops form a river and sand accumulates into a tower, which will add up to a huge expenditure every month

there is also a need to separate the cost of living from the cost of purchase. If you mix your living expenses with the income from sales or the income from coaching bonuses and do not make a good plan, you will find that the sales profit you have may become the cup of coffee on the table in the next second. What is the monthly income, gross profit from sales, coaching bonuses, and the cost of purchase What is the total cost of all other items? Such records can help you clearly calculate the correct amount of profit or loss per month, so as to make plans for your own revenue and expenditure

worthy of the name, true success

when a person is really successful, his profession and the charm temperament he exudes are the most beautiful appearance, and he will naturally be recognized as a winner in the industry. This should be the common goal of everyone. Those appearances that make his heart uneasy are just a waste of money

everyone who is successful in his career will be full of enthusiasm for his own industry, willing to contribute and be willing to make efforts to achieve himself. If we want to succeed in the direct selling industry, we need to ask ourselves whether we have irreplaceable enthusiasm for direct selling, willing to contribute to this industry and be willing to make efforts to achieve our MLM business. If we don't have such cognition, What qualifications should we use to tell others that we want to succeed in direct selling? (Chen Qisheng)

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