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The "advanced packaging" of convenience food, from "take it and go" instant soup to portable peanut butter, and various irresistible vegetable foods, the exhibition held by the American food marketing association this year fully proves the strong demand of consumers for convenience food

in order to meet the needs of consumers, major supermarkets will launch a large number of healthy and delicious food. Last month, PD went to the exhibition held by the American Food Marketing Association (FMI), during which he found many new products, including separately packaged chicken, peanut butter packaged in disposable cups, various functional drinks, cooking bags with different styles, and various dishes with national characteristics

vacuum packaging makes fresh vegetables readily available

in only four minutes, a plate of hot fresh vegetables can be ready. Delmontefreshproducen, coralgables, Florida, USA A. The company introduced three different types of fresh cut vegetables. This series of products use vacuum packaging plates, which can greatly extend the shelf life without using any preservatives, additives or other chemicals. MattSmith, deputy director of marketing at delmontefreshproduce, said, "most consumers like convenience. Nowadays, microwave oven foods are everywhere on supermarket shelves. This new film packaging system can provide a quick way to cook vegetables and ensure excellent results."

disposable vegetable matching provides a healthy diet

General Mills in Minneapolis, the United States, launched a new greengiant (R) justforone! Vegetable series. The product is easy to use and packaged in an independent part, so that consumers no longer have a reason not to eat vegetables. This disposable side dish includes two varieties: broccoli cheese sauce and niblets Corn Cream Sauce. Georgetuszkiewicz, head of packaging technology at general mills, said, "this packaging system is very beneficial for expanding the scale of the production line in the future."

vegetables are packed in a special square polypropylene container. The container is provided by a patented supplier and consists of two compartments: the larger compartment contains frozen vegetables, and the smaller compartment contains cheese or cream sauce. The tray is covered with a layer of transparent polyester extruded film. The film is also provided by a patent supplier, which can be peeled off during microwave heating. The heating time in the microwave oven is only two minutes to two and a half minutes

portable packaging allows consumers to enjoy delicious peanut butter anytime and anywhere

ucker company in orrville, Ohio, USA launched its jif peanut butter containing cream, using a convenient 2.25 ounce disposable cup fast food packaging, further establishing its position in the field of portable products. According to the marketing materials distributed by Smucker company at the exhibition, the main purpose of their development of jiftogo products is to meet the needs of the majority of consumers who become the leader in the production of such products with pure domestic materials, technology and equipment for portable healthy fast food

smucker believes that after their popular jif peanut butter adopts this new disposable and easy to preserve packaging, "picky mothers" will not hesitate to put jiftogo into their lunch boxes, backpacks and sports bags. This transparent plastic thermoforming cup is packed in a cardboard sleeve with six cups for retail sale

portable bags increase the sales of vegetarian soup

seinfeld fans, be careful of your soup! Sobebeverages relaunched originalsoupman this year. This series of products are fresh soup with soft packaging, which is specially designed for the sales of supermarket experimental machines whose materials determine the quality of experimental machines

this soup is packaged in transparent 15 ounce triangular bottom vertical bags. The company hopes that the retail "take it and go" packaged soup can sell well in the market. Since its launch last May, the originalsoupman series of soups has entered about 1100 stores in 14 states of the United States, including marsh supermarket in Indiana. He pointed out that pricechopper, giant, a P, and even loblaws in Canada. All soups are produced and packaged under the strict supervision of yeganeh to ensure that the products meet its high standards

new packaging allows consumers to enjoy the Orleans set meal in 60 seconds

making life more convenient is always the goal of packers. Zatarain of McCormick consumer products in the United States has gone further in this regard and is committed to providing consumers with the most convenient food. The company has developed new packaging for instant rice products. Now, it has launched a production line for the production of instant rice packages, which contain meat without adding any seasoning

zatarain's completemeals convenience package (which also includes rice) is packaged in a 6.5-ounce vertical cooking bag. According to laurieharrsen of McCormick, the preservation period of this series of products is 12 months, and they can be eaten after being heated in the microwave oven for 60 seconds. The high sealing non aluminum foil packaging bag contains a set meal (a total of five), including soft long grain rice, red beans and meat, such as sausage, seasoning and vegetables. All of these have a strong New Orleans flavor

authentic Asian food is aimed at the mainstream market

distribution about the next step, davidlight, national sales manager of the retail department of captn`spackproducts, explained, The packaging design of the new Thai Thai frozen microwave oven set meal is mainly aimed at the "food adventurers" of the young people or "those who are willing to taste different flavors and exotic dishes, which skillfully combines the authentic Thai flavor with Western marketing strategies." he said: "from the style of the commercial mark, it can be seen that the positioning of the production line is mainly for the mainstream market, not just limited to Thai catering." "But this is a bold attempt to enter the catering industry."

source: China food machinery and equipment

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