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12 points deducted for driving license with LED lights on the car? Is it deserved or wronged

truck drivers spend a long time driving at night, which is easy to lead to fatigue driving. In particular, high molecular materials have developed rapidly in recent years, and inattention is easy to cause car accidents. In order to be able to see the road conditions at night, some drivers are desperate to install large and small lights on the cart. Although this installation is convenient for yourself, it has caused unimaginable consequences to pedestrians and vehicles passing by. Many people support the idea of whether trucks can be equipped with LED headlights, but there must be voices of opposition. Let's see what these opinions are first

opponents say:

driving on national and provincial roads at night, if the truck opposite is equipped with LED lights, the strong lights will stimulate the eyes, and the eyes will be very uncomfortable. After the strong lights are illuminated, the eyes will be white, and it will take a few seconds to restore normal vision. At this time, it is difficult for drivers to see the road conditions, and traffic accidents are very easy to happen, so many of these people oppose the installation of LED lights on trucks, and they say it is harmful and selfish

the installer said:

I install LED lights not for anything else, but to increase the brightness of the lights and improve driving safety at night. The light intensity of the original car is not enough, which is not enough at night. In addition, the xenon lamp needs to be retrofitted with a lens, which is too expensive. This led lamp can be done for hundreds of yuan. If the light intensity of the original car is enough, I will risk being fined and deducted points to install LED lights

some older drivers say that their eyes are a little inadequate when driving at night, so they add this led light. If the light is not good at night, it is very likely to cause traffic accidents. Moreover, Chinese drivers drive very irregularly. In addition, there are often sundries on the road. If you get stuck in a tire, it is also very dangerous. The installation of LED lights is to increase driving safety at night. Is it wrong to install LED lights? It's too hard to deduct 12 points, isn't it

what's the problem? It's just to hide the number plate and retaliate by turning on the high beam

this led license plate lamp, also known as "rogue reversing lamp", was initially a decorative lamp, and then continued to "evolve". Now it has become the choice of two types of people. One is people who want to do tricks on the license plate. At present, although the modification of the license plate is heavily fined, some people still take risks to buy and install this kind of product. It is said that installing this lamp group can avoid the shooting of the electronic police; One is to revenge those who turn on the high beam. Such a lamp group is installed at the rear of the vehicle, with high brightness and direct light to the rear vehicle. Therefore, a considerable number of people are refitted after being unfairly treated by the rear vehicle while driving

LED lights installed on domestic trucks are generally located in the bumper area of trucks, and the beams of these LED lights are relatively divergent. In addition, the illumination angle of LED lights is not adjusted well, even the truck driver coming from the opposite side will be shaken to his eyes. The driver's eyes of the car are basically the same as the light beam of the LED lamp installed on the bumper. The light beam of the LED lamp is equal to direct to the face of the car driver. The LED installed on the truck is a light disaster for the car driver, so many people will swear at the LED lamp on the truck

in addition to the installation position, the behavior of some unscrupulous drivers is also one of the reasons why LED lights are annoying. Imagine that if the truck driver with LED lights turns off the LED lights in advance when the two vehicles meet and turns on when there is no vehicle on the opposite side, if they can do this, I believe no one will scoff at the installation of LED lights on the truck

it is understood that some drivers have other purposes to install led. Because the brightness of LED lamp is large, and the installation position of transition metal element LED lamp as positive material is close to the license plate, the electronic eye can be "bright and blind", and it is difficult for the electronic eye to capture the license plate number. Therefore, HRE takes some drivers as unscrupulous, speeding, expressway occupying the left lane for a long time and other illegal driving

the traffic control department said that at present, it has not received any report that the electronic police can "flash blind" by installing an LED light on the frame of the license plate. The majority of car owners are advised not to take chances. Even if the electronic police at this intersection fail to capture it, the police can still use high-definition cameras to take out the license plate number according to the route of the vehicle

the traffic control department said that after installation, the LED of the license plate is strong, but it is unlikely that the flexible packaging material can be directly replaced with recycled cardboard. The light lamp is a means that a few people think of to avoid the monitoring of the electronic police. However, this kind of behavior is easy to cause blurred vision of the driver behind, resulting in traffic accidents. It is reported that installing LED lights on motor vehicle license plates is an act of deliberately blocking the number plates. Once found, a fine of 200 yuan and 12 points will be imposed in accordance with the law

finally, I think it's understandable for truck drivers to install LED lights for driving safety at night, but it shouldn't affect others' driving vision. To improve the brightness of vehicle lights, we should also start with the vehicle lights themselves, rather than simply adding LED lights. Of course, the quality of drivers is also very important. Even if trucks are not equipped with LEDs, the indiscriminate use of high beam lights will also be despised. Therefore, what we are discussing is not whether it is right or wrong to install LED lights on trucks, but more about the quality of drivers. Of course, for those who install led and other people with ulterior motives, we can only say to him that he deserves to be deducted 12 points

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